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SMI has discontinued support for its eye trackers

In 2017, Apple Inc. acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) a leader in the eye tracking market and discontinued the support for sold SMI devices. Since the hardware was generally a sensitive solution that has hard requirements for the computer and the operating system, sooner or later users are required to find alternatives for their existing eye tracking hardware. Due to the dedicated software suite, called SMI Experiment Suite 360° as well as the SMI application interface iViewX SDK, users are also compelled to look for an SMI alternative here as well. A pity while SMI did a good job most researcher find.


The Experiment Suite 360° consists of two applications: Experiment Center as presenting and recording software and BeGaze for the gaze analysis part. Until the acquisition of SMI, this software suite was one of the most popular recording and analysis software in the market. It impresses with its simplicity and rich features and was the standard analysis software that came with SMI eye tracking devices.

Users who have set up their lab with SMI software using the iViewX SDK or created their experiments with Experiment Center will no longer receive spare parts, support or software updates. At some point the eye trackers will reach the end of their lifetime, and replacing the hardware usually means also to replace the software as well and change the whole setup of the eye tracking lab. A lot of time and effort is involved. That’s where EyeLogic come in! EyeLogic offers a solution to renew your hardware without the need to change anything on the software setup. The main advantages are:

  1. Maintain the simplicity and features offered by SMI eye tracking hardware
  2. Save costs without the need of replacing the experiment software
  3. Save time by eliminating the need of change the experimental setup

EyeLogic supports SMI Experiment Suite 360° and iViewX SDK

We are proud to offer a special compatibility for existing customers of the former eye tracking manufacturer SensoMotoric Instruments who have already purchased the SMI Experiment Suite 360° product. This unique integration is aimed at active users of this powerful software suite, which offers both a full experiment designer (SMI Experiment Center), a full analysis functionality (SMI BeGaze), as well as the powerful iViewX SDK.

With the help of the EyeLogic integration, it is possible to use a LogicOne remote eye tracker alongside existing remote eye tracking systems, like RED4, RED250, RED500, RED-m, RED250mobile, REDn Scientific without any effort and therefore offers the best alternative for replacing the eye tracking hardware. This robust and reliable integration aims at eliminating the need to modify experiments and analysis of any kind while using all experiments, SMI applications and SMI scripts with the LogicOne.

Summarized, the LogicOne allows to use:

  1. All existing SMI experiments and analysis
  2. All existing own-written SMI scripts
  3. Developed applications using the SMI iViewX SDK without the needed of customization. This includes all languages and 3rd party applications, which have been supported by the iViewX SDK, like E-Prime, NBS Presentation, Python and Matlab

Setup LogicOne and SMI Experiment Suite 360 in 3 steps

By using the SMI Experiment Suite 360° Integration Addon, the LogicOne eye tracker will be able to easily use your new hardware with your existing Experiment Suite and custom scripts. In just three steps you are ready to go:

  1. Install and start the EyeLogic Server software
  2. Run SMI Experiment Center
  3. Enable Tracking in the EyeLogic software window

The EyeLogic Server software automatically connects to the running SMI Experiment Center. Observe its connection state in the top right corner in Experiment Center as well as in the RED Tracking Monitor. Now, your setup is ready and you are able to use Experiment Center as usual.

Experiment Center Integration
Connected to Experiment Center

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