Fastest binocular remote Eye Tracking technology within its class

The Logic-250r is optimized for highest data quality, portability and ease of use. The system is currently being finalized to fulfill highest level of requirements, like state of the art accuracy and precision, low and consistent latency, reliability and robustness as well as high tolerance of head motion. The Logic-250r will be available by end of 2019. Full SDK capabilities for being able to setup the system and get all data in real time, using interfaces like C++, C#, Python, Matlab, etc., will be available early 2020.

Target specifications are:

Temporal Resolution

Gaze Position Accuracy

Spatial Resolution (Precision)

Operational Distance

Tracking Area (Head Box)

PC interface

Blink recovery time


60 Hz / 120 Hz / 250 Hz

< 0.5°

< 0.05°

50 – 85 cm

width: 30 cm, height: 20 cm


4 ms (@250 Hz)

8 ms (@250 Hz)